Our Work

What We Do
Global Awareness & Education
People drive change. WellBeing International (WBI) provides tools and information to inform people what is needed and enables them to make a difference. WBI’s Global Awareness strategy includes publication of two different monthly newsletters WellBeing News (more technical) and Tales of WellBeing. These publications along with WBI talks at conferences and technical reports and workshops support the organization’s educational efforts. Increased awareness is necessary to produce change.
Healthy, Humane Communities
WBI is building a global dog campaign to improve conditions for both the dogs and associated human communities. Interventions include vaccinations of dogs against rabies, the sterilization of both owned and roaming street dogs as well as developing supporting veterinary infrastructure. WBI is developing additional projects that aim to build healthy, humane communities that value and support nature around the globe and that lead to health enhancements for People, Animals and the Environment (PAE).
Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary (GFAS)
Partnership & Co-operation
Human ingenuity and energy are essential if we are to address the challenges facing the world today. WBI is building formal and informal partnerships with other non-profit organizations, scholars and educational institutions, commercial operations and government entities to focus human creativity and energy to drive solutions to selected global challenges.
Sustainability – PAE
The world is under increasing pressure from human population growth and consumption. Wild spaces are being fragmented and encroached upon to support population and consumption demands. WBI is drawing attention to such threats but also identifies and promotes potential solutions. We must mitigate human pressure on the globe and campaign for more wild spaces and greater connectivity of those lands to sustain nature for People, Animals and the Environment (PAE).
Photo – Center for Large Landscape Conservation (CLLC)